14 comments on “Loma Alta – Quilter Trail

  1. Great post – I have not been on these trails so especially enjoyed the pictures, nice that it is starting to cool off here!

    I am pretty sure that your experience of trying to get to the old Madrona Ranger Station area is ‘accurate’ and that there is no legal access (and no plans I know of to restore legal access) – you can read a least some of the history of that area/access in this document – http://www.learningace.com/doc/379019/f86a68c0843ad749010507519aff0a60/access_to_public_lands_x-9_ranch – pretty interesting stuff…

    • Wow, thanks so much Charles for posting that link. I had no idea that the access issues to the Madrona Ranger station go back for decades. Incredible. I was thinking one could mountain bike the first 2.3 miles of Hope Camp road and then leave your bike at the Quilter trailhead. That might be a slightly better option. Anyway, reading that document makes one want to hike to the Madrona Ranger station just to show there are some people who are interested in it.

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  3. Dean-
    Had the John “Jake” Quilter Memorial been relocated to Quilter Trailhead when you were out there?
    There is a forum thread on: Hike AZ/General/ John “Jake” Quilter, which may interest you. Let me know if you’re out there – I’m generally working on the Hope Camp Segment Wednesdays and/or Sundays this time of year.
    Thanks for the fine videos and articles! (You still dropping wt?)

    Bustin’ Down the Berm on the AZT,

    Pops c

    • Hey thanks Pops for dropping by. That discussion you referred to is quite interesting (http://hikearizona.com/dex2/viewtopic.php?t=3635). There is even a picture of Jake Quilter on the thread. I had no idea he was so young or that that’s why the trail has the name it does. My hike came up just a little short of reaching Manning Camp trail. Is the memorial located there? I didn’t see it.

      I hike on Saturdays and I’m still working up to do longer hikes — and trying to lose more weight. I’ve evened out at 250 recently, so I need to make sure to stay on plan and lose more!

      • Dean – The Memorial to Jake was moved to the Quilter/ Hope Camp trail junction. That is the start of Quilter Trail when you are just leaving the old ranch road. It must have been moved a week or so after your hike.

        Myself and a couple of other Park Volunteers finished brushing Quilter last week. Much nicer walk to the Manning Jct now; for that longer hike…


        pops c

  4. That’s good to know Pops, next time I’m out there I’ll be sure to take a look and a picture of the memorial. I really appreciate all you, the Park Service and other volunteers do to keep these trails in shape. I just hiked the Hugh Norris trail in the Tucson Mountains yesterday and was impressed by all the work that had been put into that trail. Wow!

  5. Thanks to all that paved the trail to the Quilter/Manning junction…a clean trail it is. We continued another 1.9 mi. to the old Madrona ranger station then another .5 to the Rincon Creek Trail…Solitude and an abundance of deer tracks and what we believed were mountain lion tracks. Would like to know of a quicker route to get to the start of Rincon Creek Trail as 10.2 miles one way makes for a long day hike (well worth it). We also saw some creatures at night with very green eyes and a long tail, are these possibly Coatimundis? They looked like thin raccoons. Saw the memorial…a job well done by all involved.

    Thanks, Jerry

      • AZDean-
        Will be having a work event next Saturday (March 8th) on Quilter Trail. (Working about 1.5 miles up from the Hope Camp Trail Jct.) Would be GREAT if you came out; took some pictures/video if you were available and game for it?

        Happy Trails!
        Pops c

    • Hope to be Bustin’ Down that Berm by 9 AM w/ an AZT Volunteer Crew; we’ll be coming in from the Hope Camp side off X9 RD. Will need to start walking down off Quilter by ~ 2:30. PM me in an email if you like I’ll give you all the details. Your Videos are way-cool!

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