6 comments on “How to Make Google Earth Hiking Videos

  1. Thanks for this article. If I could point out one thing that was driving me nuts…I couldn’t find the options you mentioned in the Tools & options for the wait, fly along lines etc. I finally found them in the Google preferences panel, not under tools. My recorded tour wanted to go and stop at every single way point and at ground level. Once I found preferences, I applied your parameters and it works great.

  2. That’s interesting Steve. I wonder what version of Google Earth you have as I just looked at mine again and mine doesn’t have a “preferences” panel. I’m running Windows 7 and the current version of Google Earth says its version At any rate, I’m glad you were able to find the options and get it working.

  3. I found yet an easier way to geo-tag your photos but the catch is you must be using Adobe Lightroom. Do you by chance use this program for your photos?

    • Hey Steve, thanks for dropping by again. I use Aperture on my Mac and Paint Shop Pro on my Windows system, but I see Adobe Lightroom is not too expensive at about $100. Still, I wonder if either of the programs I have will do what you are talking about. I haven’t had time to look into this, but now that you’ve brought this up, I think I will.

  4. Hello there! Although it doesn’t answer your question from the topic exactly, I though to indicate you a free tool to convert kml files to gpx or the other way around anytime you need – http://kml2gpx.com/. Maybe it’s useful. Thanks!

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