6 comments on “GPS Track Smoothing

  1. Have you used mapmyhike.com? It’s one of the apps I use when I do a local hike. It’s free. You can download your .gpx file from their website and they also provide a Google Earth flyover video on your page. They even provide an embed code for the video. Here is an example from one of my hikes recently. http://bloggerlens.com/my-workout-hike-today-on-432013/. Another app I use is GPS Stone. I use this app when I’m out shooting with my DSLR. I run the .gpx file through a program and it geotags my photos. When I put those coordinates in Maps or G Earth, I find it to be extremely accurate. I have never noticed a battery drain using GPS Stone. I also have an article about Stone.

  2. Hey thanks Steve for the the info. I haven’t used MapMyHike.com or GPS Stone. I think I’ll look into GPS Stone as I would like to be able to geotag my DSLR photos too, and then look into making better panoramas than I can make with my iPhone. I also would like to get a steadicam for my iPhone so I can make smooth time-lapsed videos of portions of my hikes.

    • You and I must think a lot alike. I consider myself a videographer and editor and I have paid clients. However, a lot of my personal stuff I just throw together and post it, shaky video and all. I just ordered the iPole from a company called Fastcap that I’m going to experiment to reduce my shaky iPhone videos. I’ll do a review after receiving it. If you get a chance, check out my article on the Stone app, I show you exactly how to do it.

      • Yes, I definitely will check out your article on the Stone app when I have time. Thanks so much Steve. I’d be interested too in your experience with iPole. I’m also hoping to be able at some point to start integrating my photos into the Google Earth video so that they fly by showing where the photo was taken. Google Earth’s support of this doesn’t seem to work well as far as I have figure out as yet.

  3. Note that Steve has posted his review of using the iPole here: http://bloggerlens.com/video-stabilizer-for-iphone-smartphones/

    Also, I was a bit disappointed using the GPS Stone app on my last hike. When I switch to taking video (or photos) with my iPhone’s Camera app, it tends to crash any other GPS app that is currently running, so I always need to be sure to restart the GPS app after taking video or pictures. But this time, GPS Stone got mixed up with the length and duration of my hike. The GPX track file was okay, but the reported info while I was on my hike was messed up. I’ve never seen that with the Gaia GPS app, so I guess I’ll switch back to using that app.

  4. Hey there, thanks for your post! I love Arizona hiking, just wish I got to visit there a little more often! I’m a programmer and hiker as well. I’d love to have a copy of your C# code; I’m working on an app for personal use to help me process GPX tracks. One of my goals is to be able to cut out those elevation and track jumps when hiking next to a steep ridgeline. My email is carl@[my first name][my last name].com. Thank you so much!

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