6 comments on “Green Mountain Trail

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  2. Warning: This is one of the most potentially dangerous hikes in the Sandia Mountains. The first hour goes almost straight down the mountain in a very remote area. The Chimney Canyon Trail is not an officially maintained trail. Do not attempt this hike unless you are well prepared physically, and able to take care of yourself in the event of a mishap in the wilderness. If you complete the hike as described, you are in for five hours (or more) of very strenuous hiking.

  3. As a lead guide I love hiking the Green Mountain Trail. Every time I walk the trail I see something new, wildlife is relatively common compared to the Cape Peninsula mountains and the well-planned route means that logistics are straight-forward with pick-up points available on the trail to get hikers off the mountains in the event of bad weather or other problems. If you want a hike that blends easy walking, good exercise, fine living and incredible natural beauty, then the Green Mountain Trail is the one.” Guide, Dominique Chadbon.

  4. There must be numerous “Green Mountains” and Green Mountain trails. The one this post is about is next to Tucson, Arizona in the Santa Catalina mountains, not in the Sandia mountains of New Mexico or in South Africa. But thanks for dropping by anyway!

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