4 comments on “Guthrie Mountain Trail

  1. This is a great hike! This is a particularly interesting destination if you like Tucson hiking trivia since the location of Guthrie Mountain has several interpretations – the old Cowgill/Glendening guide has the best description of this with Cowgill and Glendening each having different opinions on what should be called Guthrie Mountain – and neither of them agreeing with the USGS maps that label Point 6466 to the south as Guthrie Mountain! Summitpost.org also has a brief mention of this – http://www.summitpost.org/un-7281-guthrie-mountain/687848. Obviously doesn’t impact the hike in any way – but fun trivia! CM

    • Thanks Charles for dropping by. I hadn’t known there was a dispute on which peak is the true Guthrie mountain. I simply read the sign posted at the saddle on the Green Mountain trail which pointed to trail #704A and called it Guthrie Mountain Trail. The Summitpost website seems to point to the same peak as the one I thought was Guthrie, so I guess that’s good enough for me. I don’t have those guides you mentioned.

      • You definitely went to what I would consider Guthrie Mountain! In the fall I am hoping to make the trek out to the point the USGS maps labels as Guthrie Mountain for fun, a friend was out there last year and said it seemed rarely visited… BTW you might enjoy ‘The Santa Catalina Mountains, A Guide to the Trails and Routes’ by Cowgill and Glendening – it is out of date and certainly most of the information can be found other places – but the inclusion of a number of off-trail routes, now obscure trails, a few great pictures, lesser known destinations and an obvious love and deep knowledge of the range is an inspiration! Used copies are usually just < $5 on Amazon and Bookmans sometimes has them: http://www.amazon.com/Santa-Catalina-Mountains-trails-routes/dp/0930896033/ .

  2. The Sabino Canyon Volunteers are headed to Guthrie Peak this morning. Who was Guthrie? Thanks for such a great Website.

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