4 comments on “Madera Canyon – Carrie Nation to Mt Hopkins

  1. Hike this trail often as it’s rarely traveled… don’t think I’ve even seen people past the Vault Mine trail fork. From the mine site I’ve been tempted to scramble on up to the top of the saddle near Jack Mountain but I never have. Where exactly does the trail continue past the mine site at the “end” of the Carrie Nation trail? Or did you make it to the mine? Appears as if you either went by way of the creek, which veers to the east or straight up the ridge line. Thanks again for posting these hikes, its a great resource!

    • The trail branches to the left prior to the mine, at the place where the large boiler sits and follows the creek for a ways before continuing up the ridge to the Agua Caliente trail. You then head right on Agua Caliente trail until a path heads off the left and up the ridge towards Mt Hopkins.

      • Thanks, the trail was easy to find and is well traveled. Just past the boiler there is a camp site with a small rock wall. Uphill/upstream and to the left of the campsite there is a sign that says “trail ends”, if you turn around go to the right of the camp site, you will find the well traveled trail that follows the ridge line. Have a feeling the “trail ends” trail continues as there was a fork coming up out of the creek near the top. Followed the Agua Caliente Trail past the saddle then back via the Vault Mine Trail, good stuff, tons of flowers and nice views.

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