Hi, I’m AZDean and I love to go on hikes around and about Tucson. In June of 2012 I attempted to hike up Blacketts Ridge trail next to Sabino Canyon and couldn’t make it. This was such a disappointment, that I determined then and there that I just had to lose weight, get in shape and some day make it to the top. Well as I write this I have now lost 47 pounds and have not only made it to the top of that ridge, but I’ve gone on longer and harder hikes as well. But I’m still quite overweight, so I have much more to go.

I recently figured out how to make videos in Google Earth of my hikes, so I thought I would post them and let others see what the hikes around Tucson look like. My hope is this will encourage others to hike Tucson and get in shape as well.

UPDATE 4/28/13: I’ve now lost 60 pounds, but given I weigh 267 now, I still have a ways to go. Note that the above picture was taken in 2007 when I weighed only 220.

UPDATE 10/31/13: I’m now down 80 pounds and losing a bit slower, but still going down. Less than 30 pounds to go to get to the weight I was when I took that picture.


4 comments on “About

  1. Hey Dean,

    Your daughter posted on our KVOA Facebook page that you come across many rattlesnakes on your hikes.

    Would you be interested in doing an interview with me this evening? I’m working on a story abou rattlesnakes.


  2. Just found this blog. Beautiful pictures and great work with the GPX files and Google Earth videos! Thank you.

  3. Thanks for putting this wonderful resource together. It was quite helpful to me on a recent visit to Tucson in deciding what hikes to do as well as finding them. Hope you’re still out hiking and making strides toward your weight goal.

  4. This is a great blog! I’ve lived in Tucson for five years and have just NOW started taking advantage of all the wonderful hiking opportunities. As I am a beginner, your videos are incredibly helpful. Congrats (and good luck) on your weight loss journey!

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